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Create and Manage Lists

Method 1:

  • Go to the "Search Contact" or "My Contacts" tab.
  • Select the contacts you want to add to the list by ticking the checkbox next to each contact. You can select the bulk contacts using "Select" button.
  • Click the "Add To" button.
  • Choose "List."
  • Click on "New List."
  • Provide a name for the list.
  • Click "Save And Add."

Method 2:

  • Navigate to the "List" module and click on the "Contact List" tab.
  • In the "List Name" section, provide a name for your list.
  • Select "Add Recipients." This action will automatically populate the list with contacts you've unlocked, sourced from the "My Contacts" tab.
  • Choose the specific contacts you want to include in the list. If you wish to apply filters, select them accordingly.
  • Finally, click "Create List" to generate the list with your selected contacts.

Additional List Creation option:

  • Create an empty list using the List module. Provide a name and click "Create Empty List.

Uploading CSV file:

Uploading a CSV file is ideal when you already have a list of recipients and wish to run a cadence for them. To do this, ensure the file is in the provided sample CSV format. Here is how to upload it:

  • Click on "Recipients CSV."
  • Drag and drop your CSV file or browse your computer to select the file.
  • Click "Upload File."
  • The system will display a preview of the contacts from the CSV. If needed, you can remove contacts by clicking the cross icon.
  • You also can change the uploaded file using the "Not This File?" option.
  • Finally, click "Save List" to complete the process.

Managing New Lists:

  • After creating a list, it will appear in the List Module for easy access.

List Management:

Displays details of added lists.

  • Name: Shows all list names.
  • Source: Indicates the list's origin, either created with Clodura contacts or imported from a CSV file.
  • Recipients: Displays the total number of contacts.
  • Companies: Shows the number of companies in the list.
  • Usage: Displays the number of times the list has been used in cadence.
  • Created: Displays creation date and time.
  • Action: Displays various functions you can perform with or on the list, such as cloning, deleting, exporting, showing recipients, and adding recipients.

Searching Contacts:

  • Use various parameters to search the contact list, such as list name, list source, contact name, contact email, company name, and cadence name.


  • Clone: Duplicate a list.
  • Add Recipients: Add Recipients to existing list
  • Show Recipients: View the total number of contacts in a list.
  • Export: Download a list.
  • Delete: Remove a specific list.
  • Merge: Merge existing list to another list

Adding to Existing Lists:

Method 1:

  • From the "Search Contact" or "My Contacts" tab, select contacts.
  • Click the "Add to" button.
  • Choose "List."
  • Select "Existing List" from the dropdown.
  • Pick the name of the existing list.
  • Click "Save and Add."

Method 2:

  • In the "List" module, go to the "Contact List" tab.
  • Click the "Add Recipients" icon from Action column in front of the List Name.
  • Select contacts to add to the existing list.
  • Click "Add".
  • When contacts are added to an existing list, the number of recipients is updated.

Unsubscribe List:

An unsubscribe list is a record that keeps track of email recipients who have chosen to opt out of receiving emails from your email address.