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Contact Search


Clodura database keeps getting updated/refreshed every 60 days.

Streamlining Lead Generation with Clodura.AI: Enhancing Contact Search for Better Outreach

Welcome to the user manual's dedicated section on a vital function of Clodura.AI. This feature highlights the platform's extensive database with over 600 million contacts and over 12 million contact’s direct dials spanning the globe. With approximately 30 filters tailored for contact searches, this module streamlines lead generation, making it easy to connect with your target audience swiftly.

To start searching for contacts, follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Click on Contacts.

Clodura provides the following search filters:

  • Contact Name: In this area, you can input the contact's name directly into the designated textbox. Simply press the "Enter" key to activate the filter.

  • Direct Dial: This allows you to enable or disable the toggle as per your requirement. When the toggle is activated, the system will retrieve and display in the results pane only those contacts for which a direct dial is available in Clodura's database. This information becomes accessible upon clicking the "Unlock" button.

  • Seniority & Function Level:

    • Seniority Level refers to the rank or designation of a person in the company. It also implies the level of responsibility of a person at their respective workplace. Clodura offers filters such as President, Founder, Chairman, Head, CXO, Vice President, Director, Manager, Engineer, Executive, and Program Engineer to refine this aspect.

    • Functional Level refers to the tactical level. It corresponds to the role of the person in the company or organization. Clodura has a wide range of filters in this category.

  • Search by Title: You can also Search by Title by typing the contact's title in the textbox and pressing enter to apply the filter. Additionally, you can apply multiple filters within a single category simultaneously.

  • Preferred Contacts The toggle allows you to retrieve your preferred contacts based on your individual sales persona. These preferences are initially set when you create a sales persona right after signing up for your Clodura account. You can apply new filters at any time, and if needed, you can also modify your previously set preferences by clicking on 'Settings' and then 'Preferences'.

  • Contact Location: Contact Location is the geographical location of the contacts. You can search for contacts according to their current location of work or residence.

    • Country: Select the name of the Country.

    • State: Select the name of the State.

    • City: Select the name of the City.

  • Company Parameters: These parameters are defined as the characteristics used to identify or define a company. They can also help distinguish a company from the rest of the businesses having either the same name or from a competitor company. You can narrow down your search by adding these company parameters.

    • Company Name/Website: Enter the company name or type the website URL.

    • Industry: Mention the Industry which the company belongs to.

    • Size: This means you tell us how big or small the company is by specifying the number of employees it has.

    • Revenue: You pick a range from the list to let us know how much money the company makes in income or revenue.

    • Type: Select whether it is a Product-based, Service-based or a Solution-based company.

  • HQ Location: Enabling the HQ filter will show you information about companies with their main offices located in a specific place, including details about their global branches. Disabling the HQ toggle will display all the companies in the designated geographical area.

  • Technology Parameters: Technology parameters give you insights into the tools and technologies a company uses, including any patented technologies they might have.

    Clodura allows you to dive deep into this information by applying filters that are specific to technology. This means you can search for companies based on the tech tools they use, making it easier to find businesses that align with your tech preferences or needs.

  • Intent & Hiring Areas: The goal is to identify accessible sales prospects and engage potential buyers within your Total Addressable Market. Clodura provides valuable insights into opportunities with a greater likelihood of successful closure. In essence, our aim is to help you identify those who currently need your service or product.

  • Tags & Website Keywords: By explicitly specifying additional filters for tags and website keywords, you can make your contact search more detailed.

    Tags and website keywords serve as powerful filter to refine your contact or company search. Tags and Website keywords enable you to search for contacts or companies associated with keywords found on their websites, helping you pinpoint individuals or businesses with specific interests or characteristics related to your search criteria. Together, these features help you fine-tune your contact search, ensuring you connect with the most relevant prospects

  • Funding: This area lets you mention the type of funding you would like to apply as a filter. Clodura provides variousoptions in this section like Venture Round, Angel Round, etc.

  • Suppressions: A suppression list is where you upload lists of websites, emails, and contact names to automatically obtain additional details. When you upload a website to obtain additional company information, it is a form of enrichment that simplifies data gathering and reduces manual effort., making data management more efficient.

Advanced Filters

  • Advanced Filters: Clodura enables you to apply advanced filters, like exclude unlocked contacts, exclude emailed contacts, and identifying board line numbers.

    • Exclude Unlocked Contacts: During a new search, enabling this toggle lets you exclude the contacts which you have already unlocked during your previous searches.

    • Exclude Emailed Contacts: During a new search, enabling this toggle lets you exclude the contacts which you have already contacted via email.

    • Boardline Number Present: Boardline number is associated with a company. If a company has a registered boardline number, then it will automatically be visible for every contact that is associated with that company, after unlocking the respective contacts. Turning on this toggle will show you contacts from companies that have a boardline number.

  • Search button: After you are done applying the filters and clicking the “Search” button, Clodura will fetch all the relevant contacts from its database and display them in your Result Panel.

    The upward arrow on this button shows the last 5 recent searches.

    Clodura also provides you with an option to save your searches in case you want to come back to the same search or want to save yourself the hassle of reapplying the numerous filters repeatedly. You can view your saved searches by clicking on the upward arrow icon on the search button.

  • Reset button: This button lets you reset everything so that you can apply fresh filters. It removes all the previously applied filters.