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Suppression Lists

In the world of marketing and sales, the suppression list is an asset. While you are exploring contacts and applying filters during your searches, you have come across the Suppressions filter.

This tool becomes particularly useful when you possess a CSV list of websites, emails, or contact data that you want to enhance. It allows you to optimize your marketing efforts by making informed decisions. Let us discover how you can effectively leverage the suppression list to elevate your marketing and sales strategies.

But what exactly is the use of this? and what do you mean by a suppression list?

A suppression list serves to efficiently manage your data, avoiding the manual work of uploading information. You can easily upload a CSV of up to 10,000 records at a time. This process enables you to import or upload data like lists of websites, emails, or contact information, enriching your existing records. Not only is this process useful for analysis, but it also ensures that your marketing efforts are focused and effective by excluding redundant or irrelevant contacts.

Moreover, the suppression list helps you avoid the effort of manually searching for a single record. It streamlines your data, making your outreach more targeted and efficient while minimizing manual efforts.

Types of Suppression Lists:

A Suppression List serves two primary purposes:

  1. Including Existing Leads: You can utilize it to enrich your existing records and target them efficiently.
  2. Excluding Contacts in Fresh Searches: When conducting new searches to generate fresh leads, the Suppression List with Suppress toggle enabled you to exclude contacts already in the list. This ensures that your searches yield new and untapped leads.

To add a suppression list as filter, you can select an already created list from the dropdown menu. In case you want to create a new list or manage the selected list, you can click on the Suppression List option above the Email IDs dropdown box or the Website dropdown box to create/manage email and website suppression lists respectively. Once you hover over the Suppression List option, a small prompt titled Manage Suppression List should appear.