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Qwik Mail


Introducing Qwik Mail, a user-friendly feature designed to streamline the process of sending emails to a small number of recipients effortlessly. This guide will walk you through key features and functionalities for a seamless experience. Navigate to Qwik Mail by clicking on "Cadence -> Qwik Mail" in the navbar for easy access.

Compose Email: Create your email directly by providing all the following important information.

To: Enter the recipient's email address or choose from your contacts list.

Select Email Template: Choose a pre-created template from the dropdown menu.

Email Me When Read: Check this option to receive real-time email read notifications.

Add Unsubscribe Link: Include an unsubscribe link by checking the box.

Subject: Write the subject of your email. You can use Mapwords like FirstName, LastName, CompanyName, or Title.

Cc (Carbon Copy): Visible to all recipients. Use for keeping people informed.

Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy): Hidden from all recipients. Useful for sending emails without revealing identities.

Email Content: Draft your email content using editor or DraftSuggest, AI tools for email generation. Utilize mapwords, insert links, or add images. Explore the available options on the editor.

Save As Draft: Safeguard your work if you prefer not to send it immediately or if you plan to edit it later.

Send: Transmit your composed email.

Sent Emails: Similar to the Sent folder in your mailbox. This stores all emails you've sent using Qwik Mail. It shows details like email ID, subject line, sent date, status, and offers options for deletion or marking with a star.

Draft: Similar to the draft folder in your mailbox. This stores work-in-progress emails created using Qwik Mail, including the subject line and the date they were saved. You have options for editing and deletion.

Starred Emails: Comparable to the Starred or Favorite folder in your mailbox. This in Qwik Mail allows you to highlight and quickly access important emails. It displays details such as email ID, subject line, status and the date it was sent out. You have options to unstar or delete as needed.

Happy Emailing!!!